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What We Believe

The Southwest Church is part of the Restoration Movement within the Church of Jesus Christ. We long for the unity of all of God's people, because that’s what God longs for. We are non-denominational, but we do participate with sister churches in projects and programs that glorify Christ and spread the gospel. We are not the only Christians; we simply want to be Christians only. We are convinced that the Bible is God's inspired Word and our only standard for faith and practice. The Lord's Supper is also a part of our worship service each Sunday and is open to all believers in Christ. We are not perfect people; we are forgiven sinners growing in grace toward spiritual maturity.

We believe that God’s Word holds absolute and essential truth for all mankind.  Within its pages we discover core truths that are unchanging and indispensable for every person wanting to follow Christ.  This is what we believe and who we are at the Southwest Church of Christ.   

We believe…